Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

In this article, we intend to read about the popular features of a double eccentric butterfly valve. Since these units play a crucial role in the system, we recommend that you take into account the important features in order to making this purchase. Read on for more info.

Area of application

The section of application of these units includes water treatment plants, urban pipe networks, mechanical equipment, power systems, metallurgy, and petrochemical systems. This is not a total list of systems where the unit are installed, but they also will give you an overall idea of their scope of application.


Double offset high-performance butterfly valve features:

Given listed here are some in the salient popular features of double eccentric butterfly valves. Based on these functions, you’ll be able to look for the very best product to your project.

  1. High-performance butterfly valve

Also called high-performance butterfly valves, these units are primary used by the purpose of draining water inside chemical industry, steel melting, power plants, and water plants, simply to name a few.

  1. Fire-resistance design

It’s preferable to get a fire-proof system, and that is tested to evolve to certain parameters.

  1. Fixed Stem

The valve includes a fixed collar from the top in order to prevent the top of the component from leaving the gland.

  1. CE marked

It’s safer to get a merchandise that comes with CE certifications. Typically, they follow the European Pressure Equipment Directive. You can get them in fire-tight or standard construction. The valve dimensions, construction potions and operating torques are the same as given inside standard ANSI.

  1. Convenience

These products are easy to maintain. If you want to replace the axis, all that you should do is grab the inserts down. There is no need to disassemble the axis or disc.

  1. On-Off and Control

These units are the top choice for control and on-off applications. Listed listed here are some main characteristics:

Regular lugged style
Tight shut-off
Wide range
Inherent flow
Better control features
  1. Single-source Responsibility

Another element of the method that the actuators, purchase valves and accessories are mounted from a single source. Also, it is possible to get them in numerous designs, for example spring returns, pneumatic double acting, manual gear and electric type, only to name a few.

Plus, you will find different types of accessories, for example positioners, solenoids, and limit switches, to mention a few. Plus, it is possible to get OEM services from different service centers around the world.

  1. Choice of Material

Regular body materials can include alloy 20, monel, steel, carbon steel, aluminum bronze, and ductile iron, in order to name a few. Based on the needs you have, we propose that you choose the right materials.